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Product Description

Octa Garden is a vertical tower Aeroponic system which can grow all your leafy vegetables from Coriander, Spinach, Basil, Lettuce, Cabbage, Chillies, and Strawberry. You can grow both single and multiple vegetables in the same tower system. They growing and harvesting periods should match. Octa Garden is a 32 pod (Plant) system which is portable, modular, and easy to assemble and dismantle. It comes with a Tank Capacity of 40 Lts which can last easily for 15-20 days. The height of the system is 5.2 feet.It is our patented product which is designed, developed and Manufactured in India. The best quality Food grade virgin plastic is being used which is UV and IR protected.

Height – 5.2 feet
Weight in Kilos -10.5 kgs
Volume 2 sq feet surrounding area
Irrigation Motor – 40 W Submersible Pump

-Branded Company Made suitable for irrigation

Hydroton(Clay Pebbles) -5 Lts/Tower
Rock Wool – 1 kgs/Tower
  • Automated Irrigation based on Temperature
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Ambient Temperature Display
  • Manual Frequency settings Options
  • On and Off Cycle display
  • Programmed cycle of Aeration  of nutrient solution
  • Displays the time for Pump to start
  • Displays last irrigation time
Aeration Pump – 10 W pump

-Branded Company Made suitable for irrigation



-32 Plants System

– 2 Inches Diameter

Water Tank -40 Lts

-Height 1.2 feet

  •  Nutrient A
  •  Nutrient B
  • Organic Pesticide

Additional Features

  • Ability to add circular support for Shrubs. They help in giving support to the plants; it is a caging that we do around Octa garden.
  • Ability to Add LED grow lights for Indoor Cultivation.

Plants per Tower Garden- OT 32 (32 pods)
Price of Tower Garden- INR 12000/+ GST(12%) + Shipping

INR 13,440/+ Shipping as actual 

Recurring price
The recurring cost is NIL. The structure and the plantation medium do not get damaged but depends on the usage of the cultivator. Only Nutrient and seeds are required.

Tower Garden System consists of:-
1. Hydroponic Controller
2. Pump with  appropriate capacity
3. Clay Balls
4. Growing Media
5. Enclosure for Growing Media
6. Net pot and Nutrients to start the system

How to set up 

  1. -Open the boxes, 1 box will have the Octa Garden tower and the other box will have the Water Tank.
  2. -Motor and Controller are in the water Tank box.
  3. -Connect the Central pipe wot the motor placed in the base tank
  4. -Once Assembled take the central pipe from Top of the till it reach the bottom of the last section, connecting the tower and Base Plate. The central pipe is for Irrigation.
  5. -Assemble the 6 inches 4 plant sections of the Tower by sliding them from top along the central pipe. Starting from the Base Plate. The base plate has slots to fit the tower sections. There are 8 such sections.
  6. -Now connect the Motor top with the central Pipe, just a slight push will fit the joint.
  7. -Take out the wire of the Pump (connected to the Controller) from the Bucket.
  8. -The Pump and Controller are interconnected so you need to put only the controller power out to electricity supply.
  9. -Put all the sensors from the Controller inside the Tank using left knob on the base plate.
  10. -The Sensors should be inside the tank.
  11. -Cover the lid of the Controller.
  12. -Open the Right Knob and add water inside the Tank.
  13. -The water should be from Aero Purified or good quality drinking water. ( Fit for Human Consumption)
  14. -Fill the water up to 50% of the tank.
  15. -Switch on the Electricity Supply of Octa Garden
  16. -Water will start flowing from the top to bottom in Octa Garden
  17. -Let the system be on for 4-5 Hrs before you start transplantation.
  18. -Clear the water from the tank using the bottom knob.
  19. -Now fill up to 90% of the Water Tank. You system is set up!!

How to Set up EC and PH

  1. Add xml/LTS Part A and mix the nutrient solution. It should dissolve properly. ( X ml as instructed on the bottle)
  2. Measure PH of the solution using PH metre. It should be between 6.5-7.*** It varies from crop to crop please refer to chart below.
  3. Measure EC of the solution using EC metre. It should be between below 3.5 .*** It varies from crop to crop please refer to chart below.
  4. If PH is higher to get it down use a PH downer such as Phosphoric Acid.
  5. Add Phosphoric acid 30% in 1-2 ml to check how much PH is coming down. Repeat this till you get desired Ph.
  6. If PH is lower to get is up use a PH upper such as Baking Soda.
  7. Add 1 spoon of Baking soda and check the Ph. Repeat the step and keep mixing well to get the desired Ph.
  8. For EC add Water/Nutrients to get the desired EC.

How to Transplant

  1. Take the pod and wash it with an organic Fungicide.
  2. Place the rock wool cube/ Extended Clay pebbles inside the pod.
  3. Place the seed on top of the rock wool and cover the pod.
  4. Soak the Pod in tray with water and Nutrient for two days.
  5. After two days you will see that plants germinated.
  6. Place the pods on the Tower and switch it on.

Watch Tower Video ( Coming Soon)

Automation Controller

Automation for Aeroponic Octa Tower Garden-Hamari Krishi

Automation for Aeroponic Octa Tower Garden

Octa Garden Aeroponic Tower garden system